RCM: Reliability Centered Maintenance

Strategy for Maintenance & Reliability

An online course for a comprehensive introduction to "Reliability Centered Maintenance" to manage unplanned failures, optimize equipment maintenance, decrease costs, and gain greater safety.

Does your organization need RCM ?

Is your organization operating in Reactive Mode?  Are your costs out of control?  Have you experienced chronic failure?  Is your equipment unreliable?

RCM is one of the most powerful Maintenance and Reliability improvement processes out there. The name Reliability Centered Maintenance lends itself to a process that’s used to develop an optimized proactive maintenance program – and it is. But RCM can be used to formulate scores of solutions that reach far beyond maintenance.

When organizations take full advantage of RCM’s powerful principles, non-maintenance solutions can be identified including (but certainly not limited to) things like: Equipment redesigns, new or modifications to operating procedures, updates or additions to technical publications, new or modifications to training programs, supply changes, troubleshooting procedures, and so much more.

How RCM Helps your Organization

Save Money


Decreased Operating Costs


Avoid Reactive Maintenance


Achieve Reliability Goals


Desired Operating Performance


Gain Greater Safety


More Engaged Team

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Most overlooked fundamental of "Maintenance & Reliability"

Free Lesson from The Foundations of RCM online course
"Lesson 02: Importance of Writing Functions"


There’s no reason why any organization has to run from fire to fire. No one has to wish for a better situation within an organization. We just have to understand the basic truths of equipment failure and then decide how to manage it. That’s what RCM is all about.

Nancy Regan
RCM Practitioner

22 years of RCM Training & Implementation

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