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Nancy Regan

Nancy Regan - Founder

I started my RCM journey (and what a journey it has been!) in 1997.  At the time, I was a Logistics Intern at the Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division, Lakehurst, New Jersey (NAWCAD LKE).  Providence stepped in one day when my supervisor tasked me with applying Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) to Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment (ALRE).

I dug right in and with some successful ALRE analyses under our belts, PMA-260 Common Support Equipment became interested and we completed a few pilot projects. The results were amazing and the RCM program flourished.

In 1998, I became RCM Team Leader for Common Support Equipment at NAWCAD LKE. Through RCM analysis, we were able to significantly reduce unnecessary maintenance, increase availability, and decrease costs. We had an amazing RCM Team and were blessed with a management team that was behind us all the way. That went a long way to fostering buy-in.  Because we trained personnel from the fleet level all the way to the executive level, we achieved comprehensive buy-in which made implementation as easy (and successful!) as any implementation effort can be.  I’m so proud to say that PMA-260’s RCM program is still going strong!

In 2001 I left civil service to start The Force, Inc. because I wanted to apply RCM on more diverse equipment. Since then, I’ve trained and facilitated analyses on aircraft, manufacturing equipment, and all kinds of equipment in between.  The projects I’m most excited about are the CH-47 Chinook- the US Army’s heavy-lift helicopter, and the work I did at the National Security Complex in Oakridge, Tennessee.  Both projects spanned years and yielded amazing benefits for both organizations!

The late John Moubray was my mentor.  I am ever grateful for the treasure of his philosophy on RCM, business, and life.  Along the way, I have been blessed with other mentors.  How lucky I am that they were so generous with their time, experience, and support.  Their guidance means more to me than they may ever know.

The information you’ll find on comes from my heart.  The information embodied here is not only what I believe to be true, but what I know to be true.

Why Reliability Centered Maintenance?

I passionately believe that anyone who has anything to do with asset management needs to learn the fundamentals embodied in the RCM process.  Even if you never intend to apply RCM specifically, the basics provide a fund of knowledge that can be (and should be!) applied to just about any asset improvement initiative.

I am super-excited to promulgate the powerful principles behind RCM.  I’m grateful that you’re here and I hope you will join other Maintenance and Reliability professionals who are part of our online community.  We offer a personal touch with live interaction.

Contact me if you have any questions at  I would love to hear from you!