To Achieve Your Equipment Reliability Goals, Begin at the Beginning…

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Well, in our industry, oftentimes I think that organizations are looking for a silver bullet.  In other words, a quick way to achieve the Reliability that they want.  But really, to achieve good Reliability takes some work and it could be employing more than one process.

But too often in our industry, organizations will maybe buy an expensive software program or an expensive piece of condition monitoring equipment and expect that to solve all the problems.

Now, while those things may help to improve Reliability, it’s most likely that those things on their own, are not going to get you what you need.  The best place to start is at the beginning.  And that means starting with Reliability Centered Maintenance.

See, Reliability Centered Maintenance – just the name – it implies that it’s all about maintenance.  But it’s not just about maintenance.  It’s about a whole lot of other stuff.

For example, the process starts by writing Functions.  And when we write Functions, in other words, when we take the time to identify what we really need from our equipment, what we’re actually identifying is the kind of Reliability that we want.

From there, we can identify what would cause us not to get it.  And then, with Reliability Centered Maintenance, we figure out how to manage each of those Failure Modes.

And that could be by Proactive Maintenance or any number of other actions like maybe augmenting a training program or beefing up an Operating Procedure or removing an Operating Procedure that was actually the wrong one.

So, there you have it.  When it comes to equipment Reliability, there isn’t a silver bullet.  Unless of course, you want to move to Fantasyland.

And one of the best places to start, is with Reliability Centered Maintenance.  I’m Nancy Regan from Las Vegas, Nevada.  Thank you for watching.

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