Advanced Concepts

Welcome to RCM Advanced Concepts!

RCM Advanced Concepts are designed to give you more in-depth knowledge of topics that are presented in The Foundations of RCM.

Advanced Concepts training videos may be watched in any order.  However, to get the most out of each Advanced Concept, you should first complete the associated module(s) within The Foundations of RCM.

Two new Advanced Concepts will be added each month!

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  • How to determine if a Function should be recorded on the Information Worksheet
  • Reverse-Engineering current maintenance tasks to Failure Modes
  • Task hierarchy and the RCM Decision Diagram
  • Failure Consequences Exercise and Solution
  • Task Exercise and Solution
  • 2014 Subaru Forester RCM analysis of Low Engine Oil Light and oil containment
  • RCM and PMO are not the same.  Here are the differences.
  • RCM Facilitator:  Position Description and Requirements (includes a pdf Download)
  • What makes up an RCM Validation Package
  • Gauges:  Accuracy versus Tolerance
  •  The Anatomy of a Well-Planned RCM Analysis in a 4.0 World
    Presented at Euromaintenance 4.0, Antwerp, Belgium, September 2018
  • Purchasing sophisticated technology is NOT the first step!  Avoid "Shiny Object Syndrome" by discovering how to implement sophisticated CBM technology in a logical manner so it positively serves your organization.
  • Introduction to Failure Finding including an example Failure Finding calculation