At what point in an asset’s lifecycle should RCM be applied?

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To maximize the benefits, RCM should be applied as early in the lifecycle as possible, beginning with the design stage. But, most RCM analyses are done on legacy assets – in other words – on assets that are already fielded. And many are initiated decades after the system was fielded – especially in the case of government and military equipment.

But if it’s intended to stay in service, there are huge positive results to gain by applying to equipment that’s decades old. Because the RCM process is zero-based, applying RCM to legacy equipment allows years of tradition and bad habits to be sanity-checked. RCM can be applied at any point in the system’s lifecycle, resulting in tremendous benefits.

Nancy Regan

I started to help organizations gain an understanding of maintenance and reliability basics. After all, the basics pervade just about every asset management solution out there ~ and they’re embedded in Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM).

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