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Are you doing the RIGHT maintenance on your equipment?

“Fit or fold” is a losing strategy in poker…and when it comes to equipment maintenance. When you work in a reactive environment and only do maintenance when failure occurs, you’re living at the mercy of our equipment. Watch how RCM can help you formulate a winning maintenance strategy.

How I Applied the Essence of Reliability Centered Maintenance to My Refrigerator

Watch how my refrigerator…(make that THREE refrigerators)…reminded me about Potential Failure Conditions and the Consequences of Failure. I explain why I ignored a Potential Failure Condition coming from my refrigerator and chose to act “reactively” instead of “proactively.”

Wanna Play? Join me in another game of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), True or False!

Join me and Elvis Presley in a game of “Reliability Centered Maintenance, True or False.” In front of the iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, we explore: 1) What RCM can yield; 2) What assets you can apply RCM to; and 3) Whether or not you need comprehensive failure data to do RCM.

Do you think RCM is obsolete? If so, think again!

Just like the “Welcome to Las Vegas sign” has stood the test time, so has RCM. In this video, I explain how we’ve never needed RCM more than we do right now…

Celebrating all fathers…and remembering my own. How a gift from my father put me on the path towards Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM).

I think a lot of people would agree that fathers are special creatures. And many daughters would tell you that a father’s love is one of life’s greatest gifts. I know my father was. At the tender age of eight, what he taught me set the trajectory of my RCM career. He taught me…

Discovering what Inherent Reliability is all about is as easy as watching a couple of raccoons!

Watch how two raccoons rescue themselves once we provide them with the right tool…and then they serve us up an excellent lesson on equipment Maintenance and Reliability.


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