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Successful RCM Implementation

Episode 5 – Reliability “Edutainment” – My Sister’s Birthday

Doing an RCM Analysis is only half the battle for successful RCM implementation. Here’s what you can do to get the results you want…and thereby get the Reliability you need!

MTBF vs Useful Life Nancy Regan

Episode 4 – Reliability “Edutainment” – My Sister’s Birthday

There’s a big difference between MTBF and Useful Life. The two values are often misapplied when assigning Preventive Maintenance task intervals.

Proactive Maintenance Strategies

Episode 3 – Reliability “Edutainment” – My Sister’s Birthday

When it comes to our machines, we can do Condition-Based Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, or other actions such as No Scheduled Maintenance or equipment redesigns. Here’s how to choose.

Reactive Maintenance Nancy Regan

Episode 2 – Reliability “Edutainment” – My Sister’s Birthday

Reactive Maintenance can be costly and frustrating.  Avoid chronic breakdowns by moving towards Proactive Maintenance.  In this video I share where to begin.

Episode 1 – Reliability “Edutainment” – My Sister’s Birthday

Explore what Protective Devices are, why they are so important, and what Failure Finding Tasks are based on…all while getting ready to surprise my sister on her Milestone Birthday!

Miles explains Protective Device

Why are Protective Devices important?

Protective Devices are important for our equipment and for our own safety. My guest, Miles, shows us a real-world Protective Device and explains how it could prevent disaster.