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Managing the Consequences of Failure with RCM

As Responsible Custodians, we’re not in the business of predicting or preventing all Failure Modes. Watch as I explain how RCM helps with our first responsibility – Managing the Consequences of Failure.


Taking Care of Our Equipment Requires More than just Proactive Maintenance

When it comes to Physical Asset Management, we have to think beyond maintenance and remember that there are a lot of other things we have to consider…

Untapped Gold Operators and Maintainers

The Untapped Gold in the World of Physical Asset Management is…

The most beautiful jewelry reminds me about something very important when it comes to Physical Asset Management. In our organizations, the untapped gold is…

RCM not just for airplanes

RCM is NOT just for aircraft!

What types of equipment can you apply Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) to? (Hint: It’s NOT just for aircraft!) Watch to find out what Nowlan and Heap, the original architects of RCM, say about it!

reliable equipment

The key to Reliable Equipment is the same as the secret to a happy marriage!

Watch as I explain what it is. (Hint…it’s simple, but it’s not always easy!)

How old is RCM

RCM celebrates a VERY special birthday…but the gift is OURS!

On December 29, 2018, RCM celebrated its 40th birthday. This process offers us two very important gifts. And they are just as important (if not more relevant!) today as they were in 1978.