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Course Starts Q3, 2023

Become an RCM Facilitator

And begin transforming your organization through safe and technically defensible RCM analyses

Get ready to stand out with your Facilitation Skills

Through the RCM Facilitator Course, you will develop outstanding skills that will make you a significant part of any Reliability program.

You will not only gain a deep understanding of how to apply and facilitate RCM principles in the real world. You will also learn how to lead a team of equipment experts so consensus can be reached for all kinds of issues.

You will develop the invaluable talent of managing varying personalities so RCM goals can be achieved. You will gain this marketable talent that translates to any situation - even your life outside of work.

You Will Learn How To

  1. Plan RCM Analyses
  2. Facilitate RCM Analyses
  3. Achieve consensus amongst all Working Group members
  4. Produce RCM Validation Packages
  5. Facilitate Validation Meetings
  6. Produce Final Reports
  7. Assemble a presentation summarizing analysis results
  8. Effectively brief the results to management

It's NOT just about Reliability 💪

Achieving consensus from a group of equipment experts is an art.

A significant part of the RCM Facilitator Course is spent learning the invaluable talent of managing varying personalities in a team setting.  Oftentimes, RCM Working Group members have vastly different experiences and perspectives so it's vital to know how to manage them.

You'll learn to how to handle situations that inevitably arise when a team of people gather to make decisions.  (Have you ever gone to a meeting where a list of things that "we" need to get done gets compiled?...but then nothing happens after that?)  That's what you'll learn to avoid.

This talent is not limited to RCM.  It transfers to any professional meeting or improvement effort.  It also comes in very handy in our personal lives.

As equipment custodians, it's our job to take care of machines properly.  But who takes care of machines?  People!  That's why it is so important that we effectively engage with our team members.

Gaining consensus from a team of people is an art.  In this course, you will gain this invaluable skill.

About the Course

The RCM Facilitator Course is made up of 19 training modules and consists of ~70% pre-recorded instruction and 30% online, live group training sessions. Up to 90 minutes of one-on-one training is provided.

The course includes quizzes, exercises, and assignments that highlight situations a Facilitator may face with an RCM Working Group and gives the delegate insight into issues that inevitably arise during real-world analyses.

The training modules are completed at a scheduled pace over approximately two months. The course requires each delegate to dedicate up to 10 hours per week to keep pace with the class. (Individual scheduling issues such as vacations can be accommodated.)

Course Dates:  Q3, 2023.  Exact Dates to be announced.

Registration Closes:  TBD

Class Size:  Limited to ~8 delegates

Course Investment:  $5,299*
*If you've already purchased RCM Foundations, your RCM Facilitator Course fee will be adjusted accordingly.

What is Included


20 training modules


Downloadable course training documents that make up The Art of RCM Facilitation, by Nancy Regan


Lifetime access to the online training modules


Live, online group workshops and Q&A sessions


Live, online one-on-one guidance and support with Nancy Regan (up to 90 minutes)

RCM Facilitator Course

The course consists of 19 training modules

The course includes 10 weeks of paced instruction. Delegates complete prerecorded training and attend scheduled live, online, group training. Training modules include quizzes and assignments to help students and the instructor identify gaps in knowledge, and to become more confident with the RCM technology.

Course Kick-Off

Live, online, group workshop to review course details, discover what to expect from the course, and meet fellow students.

Module 1

Welcome, Overview, and Getting Started

Module 2

The Art of Facilitation, Part 1: What makes an effective RCM Facilitator

Module 3

The Art of Facilitation, Part 2: The RCM Analysis Planning Process

Module 4

The Art of Facilitation, Part 3: Facilitation Techniques

Module 5

The RCM Operating Context

Module 6

Sequence of Conducting an RCM Analysis

Module 7


Module 8

Functional Failures

Module 9

Failure Modes

Module 10

Failure Effects

Module 11

Failure Consequences

Module 12

Task Hierarchies and the
RCM Decision Diagram

Module 13

Preventive Maintenance

Module 14

On-Condition Maintenance

Module 15

Default Strategies

Module 16

Failure Finding Protective Devices

Module 17

The Validation Process

Module 18

How to Summarize & Brief Analysis Results to Management

Module 19

Final Assessment & Review


Bonus #1

$899 Value

Free Access to RCM Foundations
Prerequisite for the RCM Facilitator Course

RCM Foundations is an online, on-demand, comprehensive introduction to RCM.  The course is normally priced at $899.

When you register for the RCM Facilitator Course, it is included free. If you have already RCM Foundations, your RCM Facilitator Course fee will be adjusted accordingly.  When you register for the RCM Facilitator Course, you will have access to RCM Foundations.

Bonus #2

$99 Value

RCM Certification
Access to RCM Level 1 Certification Exam

Level 1 RCM Certification demonstrates that you understand the RCM process from Function definition through Maintenance Task and Default Strategy selection at an introductory level.

Offered by the International Reliability Centered Maintenance Certification Committee (IRCC), the 30-minute exam is taken online.  Upon successful completion, you will receive a Level 1 certificate.

Next Course Starts Q3, 2023. Exact dates to be announced.

RCM Facilitator Course

Course Dates
Q3, 2023.  Exact Dates to be announced.

Registration closes

Size of Class
Class size is limited to ~8 delegates

Facilitator Course Investment is $5,299*

*If you’ve already purchased RCM Foundations, your RCM Facilitator Course fee will be adjusted accordingly.

Gunnar Andreas Aarvold

We are constantly seeking to use the best trainers within our fields. We invited Nancy Regan to our office in Norway, not only to train our own consultants, but also to train several of our customers. Nancy not only has practical experience, but she has a wonderful ability to pedagogically present the principles of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM). All this makes Nancy a valuable partner for MainTech.

Gunnar Andreas Aarvold
former Manager, Business Development, MainTech

The Course Instructor

Nancy Regan

Nancy Regan is a professional RCM Facilitator and trainer with 25 years of experience. Nancy started facilitating RCM Analyses in 1998 as a civilian employee of the US Navy. She started her own business in 2001 and continues to facilitate analyses with her current clients.

Amongst her largest projects are the CH-47 Chinook helicopter and her work with the National Security Complex in Oakridge, Tennessee. Both projects spanned years and yielded amazing benefits for both organizations!

Nancy was mentored by the late John Moubray. She is the author of The RCM Solution, A Practical Guide to Starting and Maintaining a Successful RCM Program.

Nancy always knew she wanted to be a teacher. (Her mother told her that she wore out a new blackboard in no time at all “playing school.”) Get ready because Nancy gives her students her “all."

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Why It's Different: A Note from Nancy

Most RCM facilitator courses offer a week of instruction and then a week of “real world” facilitation. However, this “real world” facilitation usually consists of course delegates “taking turns” facilitating a mock analysis while fellow students “act” as the Working Group members.

That’s what my Facilitator course was like. The problem was that we spent more time trying to figure out the technical details of the mock analysis than learning how to facilitate our Working Group.

The Facilitator Course I offer includes exercises and assignments that highlight situations a Facilitator often faces with an RCM Working Group. This give you insight into real-world issues that inevitably arise during real-world analyses. It’s impossible for me to teach you every scenario that will arise, but it gives you a good base to start with.

I’ve been facilitating RCM analyses for 25 years. (I still actively facilitate RCM analyses with my clients.) I’m excited to teach you what I’ve learned so that you can become an even more valuable member of your Reliability team.

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