Inherent Reliability Explained

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Hi everyone.  In this video we’re going to talk about Inherent Reliability.  I’m at Stonebridge Farms in Cullman, Alabama at a wedding.  And it’s the perfect time to talk about Inherent Reliability.  The definition of Inherent Reliability is the kind of Reliability an item exhibits when it’s protected by the right Proactive Maintenance and some other Default Strategies.

See, it doesn’t mean how long an item will last with no failures.  And that’s why a wedding is the perfect place to talk about this.  Because, when it comes to most marriages, when you first get married, everything is new and you’re in love.  And it doesn’t feel like anything could ever go wrong.

And then you spend years and decades with someone.  And over the years some problems creep in.  So, you have to put work into the relationship…in order for it to work…and in order to stay happily married for a lifetime.

Well, the same thing goes when it comes to our equipment.  If we procure a new piece of equipment today and put it in service, that doesn’t mean that we can just walk away, and it will continue to do what we need it to do without putting some energy into it.

But the thing is, is that we have to put the right energy into it and that means doing the right Proactive Maintenance at the right time and some other Default Strategies like making sure that our Training Programs are the way they should be.  And making sure we have the right Operating and Emergency procedures in place.

So, there you have it.  Inherent Reliability…preserving our equipment’s Inherent Reliability…is just like making sure that our marriage stays in a good place.  And that means putting the right kind of energy into it.  I’m Nancy Regan from Cullman, Alabama.  Thank you for watching.

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