Is RCM too difficult to implement?

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Not even a little bit.  If RCM takes too long or is too difficult to implement, then its principles probably weren’t applied correctly and maybe also because RCM wasn’t carried out by the right people.

Let’s talk about the leading misconception about RCM that causes the analysis to take longer than it should.  It’s often wrongly believed that every Failure Mode needs to be documented.  In reality, RCM sets forth four very specific guidelines that outline what Failure Modes should be included in an analysis.  Follow those guidelines, and you’ll stay on track.  Otherwise, you’ll end up with analysis paralysis and that will get you nowhere fast.

Nancy Regan

I started to help organizations gain an understanding of maintenance and reliability basics. After all, the basics pervade just about every asset management solution out there ~ and they’re embedded in Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM).

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