What this Gorgeous Tree Taught Me about Periodically Reviewing Proactive Maintenance

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Hi Everyone.  I’m in Hartley Wintney, England and I’m standing in front of one of the most magnificent trees I’ve ever seen.  And, you can just look at it and see that it is obviously hundreds of years old.

Now, I’m sure that this tree does not look the same way that it looked when it was first planted.  And that reminds me about our equipment maintenance plans.  Because oftentimes, we have equipment that has been in place for 10, 20, 30, 40, even sometimes 50 years.

And over that time, our requirements for the equipment change.  Sometimes the operating environment might change.  The operational tempo may change.  And that means that our equipment maintenance may also need to change.

But the thing is, oftentimes in our industry, while things around us may change, we don’t always take a look and review our proactive maintenance, but we should.

Because, the way we take care of our equipment doesn’t just depend on the physical aspects of the equipment.  But those other things I mentioned like the operating environment and the operational tempo of our equipment.

So, there you have it.  That’s what we can learn from this gorgeous tree in the beautiful town of Hartley Wintney.  As time goes on, it’s very important that we sanity check the proactive maintenance on our equipment.  I’m Nancy Regan.  Thank you for watching.

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