Achieve Your Maintenance and Reliability Goals

Welcome to Reliability Beast Mode!

Are you ready to take control?  It's time to honor your discontent and really work to achieve your Maintenance and Reliability goals. 

Forget about the objections for now and let's go through this process together. 

Set yourself up for success and let's begin at the beginning, together.



Do these three things:

1) Sit down in a quiet place.

2) With respect to Maintenance and Reliability, think about and identify the problems you're experiencing.  What are you are facing?  Write them all down.

3) Identify and write down your goals.  Be specific.  If you could wave a magic wand, what would you have already achieved?









Do this: 

Write down all of the obstacles that stand in your way.  What do you have to overcome to achieve each goal?

As you write down the obstacles, don't judge them!  Just focus on what's standing between you and your Maintenance and Reliability goals. 

Write them all down.


Do this:

Figure out your "WHY."

Your "WHY" is so important because it's the "umph" behind your actions.

Your "WHY" is what gets your butt to the gym when all you really want to do is keep sleeping. 

Your "WHY" is what helps you stay awake finishing that report. 

Your "WHY" is what keeps you from giving up when you've been told "no" over and over again. 

Everyone's "WHY" is different, but when your "WHY" is strong, it makes achieving goals that much easier and sweeter! 

For each goal you have written, identify what your "WHY" is and write it down.

- WATCH:  Workshop
- Review and Edit Obstacles
- Write Effects

Do this:

Watch the workshop:  How to Achieve Your Maintenance and Reliability Goals, Honor Your Discontent
In this workshop, I explain two RCM concepts:  1) How to write Failure Modes at the right level; and 2) How to write Failure Effects.  I show you how to use these concepts in our goals process.  I also debunk three of RCM's biggest misconceptions.


Review and edit your Goals, Problems, and Obstacles
After you watch the workshop, review your work and edit what you have done so far, if required.


Write Effects for every Obstacle you've identified.
I show you how to do that in the workshop.

Stay Tuned!