The RCM Solution


A Practical Guide to Starting and Maintaining a Successful RCM Program

This book is a "how-to" generic approach with minimal theory by a well-known and very active participant in the leading maintenance organizations and conferences. The book offers a fundamental, common sense understanding of RCM. A significant portion is dedicated to SAE JA1011 compliant RCM. The book presents detailed processes that can be used when RCM is not applicable and presents a total solution for implementing RCM for any organization.

The primary market for this book is anyone responsible for Physical Asset Management within an organization, at any level of authority. The material will be just as valuable to an organization's maintenance manager as it would to the organization's leader. The book's principles are presented generically so they are equally applicable to any industry in the world that has assets to care for - military, manufacturing, mining, plastics, power generation, etc. There is also a secondary market for this book at colleges and universities teaching reliability engineering.

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