Does this make Reliability Common Sense…?

Does this make common sense to you 👇🏻?

Reliability Common Sense

On my way to Boston to visit my sister yesterday, two Reliability Moments smacked me in the face.

There are two things (very) wrong ❌ with this picture…one is obvious…the other is not-so-obvious, given your perspective.

Reliability Moment #1
The photo is backwards…just look at the text. I almost went back to re-take it. But then I realized it’s the perfect metaphor for Condition Based Maintenance (CBM).

Too often, when it comes to CBM, people come down with Shiny Object Syndrome.
Shiny Object Syndrome causes people to start with technology – instead of first identifying the Failure Mode they wish to manage and then considering the P-F Interval. (The P-F Interval governs how often we do a CBM task.)

Shiny Object Syndrome can result in wasted money 💰- and worse – wasted time ⌛.

Reliability Moment #2
Message on the Photo:  Maintain six feet social distancing.

As a child, when I asked my mother a question, she would often say, “What do you think?  Use your common sense.”  She taught me to think for myself. She taught me well. (Thank you, mother.)

Now, back to the sign…This sign is displayed 10 feet away from the jetway that leads us to shoulder-to-shoulder seating for hours inside a cramped aircraft cabin.

This makes no common sense (to me, anyway)…and that’s what reminds me about Reliability – Reliability Centered Maintenance, that is.

You see, RCM is “common sense applied to physical assets.” RCM’s principles have survived the test of time and human meddling; its principles are timeless.

RCM helps us figure out how to take care of our equipment so we get the Reliability we need.

BONUS Reliability Moment #3
During the height of COVID, I didn’t see my sister for nearly two years. I allowed it to keep me from her.  It was awful because I love her beyond words 💖. That taught me to nurture our relationship – no matter what.

As asset custodians, it’s our responsibility to nurture our machines. Part of that is doing the right maintenance at the right time. And that’s what RCM helps us to do.

Be safe and well, everyone!

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I started to help organizations gain an understanding of maintenance and reliability basics. After all, the basics pervade just about every asset management solution out there ~ and they’re embedded in Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM).

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