Why did we create RCMTrainingOnline.com?

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We created RCMTrainingOnline.com for three reasons:

First, to make RCM training accessible.  Before RCMTrainingOnline.com, RCM training was pretty much only available through live courses from pricey consultants AND, it usually required travel.  Flying is a pain in the butt now and hotel rooms can be really lonely.  But that all ends here.  RCMTrainingOnline.com offers comprehensive RCM training from anywhere in the world – at less than one-third the cost of live training courses.  All you need is an internet connection.

Second, to set the record straight.  There’s a lot of misinformation out there about RCM.  On our site, we cut through all the noise, marketing, and false information about the process and simply set forth the principles of RCM in a straightforward and no-nonsense manner with just enough theory for everything to make sense.

And third, we hope to inspire you into using RCM principles to achieve your maintenance and reliability goals.  If you end up starting and maintaining a successful RCM program, that’s fantastic.  But RCMTrainingOnline.com is here so you can learn the basic principles of maintenance and reliability because most of them are embedded in the RCM process.  When you understand the fundamentals, everything else makes sense.  It empowers you to figure out what asset improvement activities you need to pursue – and – most importantly, to successfully implement the results.

Nancy Regan

I started RCMTrainingOnline.com to help organizations gain an understanding of maintenance and reliability basics. After all, the basics pervade just about every asset management solution out there ~ and they’re embedded in Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM).

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