Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any prerequisite knowledge before I learn about RCM?

No way. It helps if you have a love – or even a fondness – for equipment maintenance and reliability. But other than that, just put your thinking cap on and you’re good-to-go!

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Why should I learn about RCM?

Have you ever tried to implement any asset improvement activity but it didn’t go so well?  Couldn’t rally the troops?  Couldn’t get the kind of management buy-in that you really needed to get things off the ground?  If so, you’re not alone. 

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What is Reliability Centered Maintenance?

RCM is one of the most powerful maintenance and reliability improvement processes out there. The name Reliability Centered Maintenance lends itself to a process that’s used to develop proactive maintenance for an asset – and it is. But RCM can be used to formulate scores of solutions that reach far beyond maintenance.

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